The Feeder Canal was used basically as water channel to bring water from the Grand River to the Welland Canal so there really isn't much to see with the exception of a waterway. However there a few remnants left from when small ships would use the canal to transport local goods.

Junction Lock - Welland, Ontario

There are some remains of the Junction Lock where the Feeder Canal met the Welland Canal. Just past the Ontario Street bridge, make a left towards Highway 58 to Port Colborne and on your left hand side you will see a little park next to the Recreational Canal. It is in this park that the remains are located.

Here are some pictures of the Junction Lock:

Recently, April 2009, the Welland Recreational Canal Corporation unearthed the Junction Lock in Welland, so that others could admire the remains themselves, rather than just the walls buried within the ground. Going forward, there will be a viewing platform and the area made look really nice so that future generations will also have the pleasure to admire this piece of history.

Here are some pictures at the time of unearthing:

Port Maitland Lock - Haldimand, Ontario

To get to this lock, there are two ways. One, you can follow Feeder Canal Road all the way down to the lock itself, or you can always take Hwy 3 coming from Port Colborne and make a right on Feeder Canal Road. The lock itself is located practically at the corner of Feeder Canal Road and Rymer Road. If unsure about this locks location, you can always use google maps.

Here are some pictures of the Port Maitland Lock:

I would personally like to extend my Kudos to Mr. Bill Warnick and his group of volunteers for doing a great job in cleaning up this lock so it can perserved for others to enjoy as it should be. Good Job everyone!