3rd Welland Canal - Locks 20 - 26

Lock Twenty - Thorold, Ontario

The remains of Lock Twenty are only able to be viewed in the winter months, when the current Welland Canal is drained. Behind the pumphouse, that area is called "The Pondage." During the winter months, when the canal is drained, this area also empties out and reveals that in the middle of it, is the remains of Lock Twenty. To get your bearings when its filled with water, just look across the pondage for Lock Twenty-One and roughly halfway back from that is Lock Twenty.

Here are some pictures of Lock Twenty:

After leaving the Pondage area, we need to get to the other side of it to continue on our tour. The easiest way is get on the Highway 406 to Highway 58 and follow it under the Thorold Tunnel. At the lights, make a left hand turn, and follow that road until you come to a stop sign. At the stop sign, make a left hand turn and follow the Seaway Haulage Road all the way until you come to a yellow barrier, just across an old bridge. This is where you are going to park. Follow the trail behind the barrier for quite awhile until just before you see the pondage again, you will see a section of land heading off to the left of you. Almost looking like a land bridge, this is where you need to head in to the bush. Of course, a word of caution, after going through the bush, you will come out on a lock wall. Please be careful as one wrong step and you could fall in. Extreme caution needs to be used in this area!

Lock Twenty-One - Thorold, Ontario

This lock is in beautiful condition, mostly thanks to being 80% under the water most of the year, only showing most of itself during the winter canal draining months. I will include pictures of both it being full and drained.

Here are some pictures of Lock Twenty-One full:

In the winter, with the pondage being drained, you can really take in the beauty of Lock Twenty-One. Since it mostly underwater, majority of the year, it is very well preserved. You can even see the difference in color in the stonework, as well as the wooden lock gates are wonderfully preserved!

Here are some pictures of Lock Twenty-One in the winter:

Lock Twenty-Two - Thorold, Ontario

Heading out of the bush, once you reach the trail again, turn right and keep walking untl you see a big wide path veering off to the right, take this path and this is our next stop. This lock has also been turned in to a weir / pumphouse for the Fourth Welland Canal. This lock shares a lot of smiliarities of Twenty-One as it has a certain section that is underwater and the difference can be seen in the winter months. Once again I will post both full and drained pictures for your enjoyment.

Here are some pictures of Lock Twenty-Two full:

And once again, here is Lock Twenty-Two in the winter drained months:

Lock Twenty-Three - Thorold, Ontario

Heading out of Lock Twenty-Two near the pumphouse, you will walk down the path,until you see a trail taking you towards the Fourth Welland Canal. Adjacent to Lock Seven, is the remains of Lock Twenty-Three of the Third Welland Canal. You can actually see them almost side by side on the other side of the canal.

Here are some pictures of Lock Twenty-Three:

Lock Twenty-Four - Thorold, Ontario

I am sorry to report that this lock is lost to us forever. It is currently underwater of the Fourth Welland Canal!

Lock Twenty-Five - Thorold, Ontario

This lock involves more driving to get to. Head back out to the Thorold Tunnel and take the Pine Street exit. At Pine Street, take a left and follow it to the end and make a left at the corner and follow it around. This is Ormond Street. At the end there is a little parking like cove with yet another barrier. Park here and start walking. You will see a path leading towards the Fourth Welland Canal, take this path and just across the bridge you will see a path heading in to the bush, take this path. Just a little upways of that path, you will see a clearing. It is in this clearing that a wall from Lock Twenty-Five is visable.

Here are some pictures of Lock Twenty-Five:

Guard Lock - Thorold, Ontario

If you continue walking in to the bush following the trail, or even back out on the main trail, you will see another trail heading up, you will come across the Guard Lock for the Third Welland Canal.

Here are some pictures of the Guard Lock:

Lock Twenty-Six - Port Colborne, Ontario

Last but not least, we arrive at the final lock of the Third Welland Canal. You can find this lock at the cross roads of Clarence Street and West Street in Port Colborne. You will find it right next to Lock Twenty-Seven of the Second Welland Canal. Lock Twenty-Six is the lock closest to the current Welland Canal. There is even a walkway down to it, next to Bridge 21. The even better thing about this lock is there is a stairwell that you can climb down to view the inside of the lock. Locals use this area for swimming sometimes.

Here are some pictures of Lock Twenty-Six:

Thus concludes our tour of the Third Welland Canal.