3rd Welland Canal - Locks 11 - 19

Just off of Glendale Avenue behind the Fourth Welland Canal, is an area known as the Welland Canal Wetlands. It is given this term as there is a large chunk of the Third Welland Canal which stands in its glory. There is some natural decay on the locks but they are in really good condition with overflow water flowing through them. While this place is on Seaway Property, it is a great hike with lots of history, and a great place to take the family for an afternoon.

Please use caution in this area though, as one, it is Seaway Property and two, this area is used a lot for dirtbikers and ATV'ers so please be careful!

Lock Eleven - St.Catharines, Ontario

This lock is viewable from behind Lock Twelve, which you will see in a moment. This lock is in pristine condition. Looking almost as new as when it was used. It is truely in remarkable!

Here are some pictures of Lock Eleven:

Lock Twelve - St.Catharines, Ontario

When you turn in to the Wetlands area from Glendale, you go around a left hand turn bend. It is here you will see a lock to your right hand side. This is Lock Twelve. Lock Twelve is in great shape at one end, and crumbling away at the other. The more bricks that fall over time, eventually the lock will just crash in upon itself!

Here are some pictures of Lock Twelve:

Fairly recently, the backside of Lock 12 gave in to the ravages of time. More of the back walls have fallen over. It is a sad event when things like this happen to our history. Hopefully one day things like this can be prevented. So far the most of the lock is still intact.

Here are some pictures of Lock 12's current state:

Lock Thirteen - St.Catharines, Ontario

On the left hand side, as you go around another left turn bend, you will see two tubes sticking out of a rock wall. Lock thirteen is located directly behind it.

Here are some pictures of Lock Thirteen:

Lock Fourteen - St.Catharines, Ontario

Hiking along the trails, the next lock you will come to is lock fourteen. You can stand right at the bottom of the lock and just be amazed at how large it is, which is pretty impressive considering these were used in the 1880's. Sadly though, this lock is starting to fall apart. Also within its waters you can see a lock gate, as well as the planks that lined the bottom of the lock.

Here are some pictures of Lock Fourteen:

Lock Fifteen - St.Catharines, Ontario

Next along the trail is lock fifteen. At the rear of the lock you can sit by the waterfall, and just take in the scenary. Of course, one part of it is ruined as someone decided to spray graffiti on it.

Here are some pictures of Lock Fifteen:

Lock Sixteen - St.Catharines, Ontario

Continuing on, the next lock on the hike is lock sixteen. Lock Sixteen for some reason always contains car wrecks, once again, violating the history that this place represents.

Here are some pictures of Lock Sixteen:

Lock Seventeen - Thorold, Ontario

Down the path from sixteen, you will cross some railroad tracks ( BE VERY CAREFUL HERE AS THIS IS AN ACTIVE TRACK ), you will come to lock seventeen. This is one of the most photographed old locks as it is very scenic next to the railbridge.

Here are some pictures of Lock Seventeen:

Lock Eighteen - Thorold, Ontario

While this one is tricky to get to, it is quite the view! Nestled within the forest area, Lock Eighteen is a popular spot for fishing for some reason. Numerous times, I have seen people fishing in this lock.

Here are some pictures of Lock Eighteen:

Lock Nineteen - Thorold, Ontario

This lock is hard to get to, for the simple reason that it is within a lot of bush. The easiest time to view it, is in the winter when most of the trees have lost their leaves. It is located just down the path from the Pumphouse in the area.

Here are some pictures of Lock Nineteen:

The Pumphouse - Thorold, Ontario

After emerging from the forest and back to the road, the end of the trip is marked by the Pumphouse. This facility ensures that the current Welland Canal does not flood by controlling the water level. When it gets too high the gates open to release water down the Third Welland Canal to balance out water levels.

Here are some pictures of the Pumphouse: