2nd Welland Canal - Locks 6 - 13

Lock Six - Merrit Trail / Oakdale Avenue

Now its time to cross over Westchester Avenue, if you have children please use the crosswalk at the traffic lights, and head down in to the next section of our tour. Take the path down to the right, marked Meritt Trail as this is the best way to view all the locks in succession without interruption. All the locks in this section are fenced off with a blue fence for your protection. The first lock you will come to on this trail is Lock Six.

Here are some pictures of Lock Six:

Lock Seven - Merrit Trail / Oakdale Avenue

After taking in Lock Six, its time to move on down the trail. Your next lock on the tour is Lock Seven. As you will be able to see, part of the lock wall here is getting ready to fall away!

Here are some pictures of Lock Seven:

Lock Eight - Merrit Trail / Oakdale Avenue

Next up is Lock Eight. This is one of quite a few locks where there is a bridge spanning the lock so you can walk out over it and take it all in. The view is historically breathtaking. Try it and you will see.

Here are some pictures of Lock Eight:

Lock Nine - Merrit Trail / Oakdale Avenue

Lock Nine is not that far away from Eight and once again my friends, there is a bridge to admire the sights from.

Here are some pictures of Lock Nine:

Lock Ten - Merrit Trail / Oakdale Avenue

Moving right along, without further adieu you will come across Lock Ten, and yes it too has a bridge, however it is the last one on this tour that does.

Here are some pictures of Lock Ten:

To give you an idea of this place, I have taken a short movie clip of the lock, click on it and enjoy:

Lock Eleven - Merrit Trail / Oakdale Avenue

Next up on the tour is Lock Eleven. This one is near a residential neighbourhood so please be respectful of the people that live there.

Here are some pictures of Lock Eleven:

This movie clip I took for the site, will show you the massive length of the lock:

Lock Twelve - Merrit Trail / Oakdale Avenue

Coming near the end of the hike, almost immediately after Lock Eleven you will come across a set of railway tracks. *Please Be Extra Careful! These tracks are very much in use!* If you look down from this bridge you will see the raceway in to Lock Twelve and on the other side of the bridge you will see Lock Twelve itself. Now unfortunately I could not find a way in to this lock, so these are the best I could do!

Here are some pictures of Lock Twelve:

Lock Thirteen - Merrit Trail / Oakdale Avenue

Finally we arrive at the last lock on this section of the tour. This lock as been drastically shortened and turned in to a drain from the water flowing from Mountain Locks Park.

Here are some pictures of Lock Thirteen: