2nd Welland Canal - Locks 14 - 21

Lock Fourteen - St.Catharines, Ontario

From lock thirteen, you can continue walking towards lock fourteen or you can access a parking lot from Glendale Avenue. There is a set of traffic lights across from a small plaza and turn in to the parking area next to the white aparment building. In this parking area you will see a monument. This is called the Johansson's Bar. This was tool used to lift the heavy limestone in to the locks. Head back towards the fence and you can still see the runway path and the lock was located next to the tree in the pictures.

Here are some pictures of Lock Fourteen:

Now head back towards Glendale Avenue and cross the street. This is where Mountain Locks Park begins. Mountain Locks Park contains locks 15 - 21 of the Second Welland Canal. It is located on Bradley Steet, in Thorold, Ontario and the locks are very well preserved. Locks 16 - 21 are also known as "Neptunes Staircase" as they are in straight line, climbing the landscape, step by step. Also along Bradley Street, there are Lock Tenders houses. These houses date back to the time when the Second Welland Canal was fully operation, placing them over 150 years old.

Lock Fifteen - Corner of Glendale Ave / Mountain St

Almost exactly on the corner of these two streets are the remains of Lock Fifteen. Mostly buried but still showing, there is also a small walk bridge over it, you can stop and admire this lock before heading in to the park itself.

Here are some pictures of Lock Fifteen:

Lock Sixteen - Mountain Locks Park

After leaving Lock Fifteen, you will walk through the park and turn to your left. This area in the past was a turning basin for the boats. Soon you will the remains of a lock within the brush straight ahead. This dried out lock is Lock Sixteen. You can walk through it if you like, but be careful as there are some prickly bushes to be found in the summer month!

Here are some pictures of Lock Sixteen:

Weir - Mountain Locks Park

When exiting Lock Sixteen, if you head to your left, you will find the remains of a weir. There is alot of it remaining however people have covered some of it in graffiti. This is something that should not be tolerated as these are part of our history, not something to be covered in scribbles.

Here are some pictures of the weir:

Lock Seventeen - Mountain Locks Park

Head back to the path and continue walking. The next lock you will come to is Lock Seventeen. This dried out lock is a great place to get a feel for the Second Welland Canal. You can walk right in and get a sense of the height and feel of being in a lock. Unfortunately, the vandals have really covered this in graffiti but you will still be able to appreciate it nonetheless.

Here are some pictures of Lock Seventeen:

Lock Eighteen - Mountain Locks Park

Next up the path we have Lock Eighteen, it is more clearly evident now, how it got the nickname Neptunes Staircase.

Here are some pictures of Lock Eighteen:

Lock Nineteen - Mountain Locks Park

The next lock you will happen upon is Lock Nineteen. Keep going you are nearing the top of the staircase!

Here are some pictures of Lock Nineteen:

Lock Twenty - Mountain Locks Park

Up next we have Lock Twenty. Only one more lock to go to clear the staircase!

Here are some pictures of Lock Twenty:

Lock Twenty-One - Mountain Locks Park

Finally we have made it to the top of Neptunes Staircase. When you think about it, it really was an ingenious idea.

Here are some pictures of Lock Twenty-One: